1. Safe in Obscurity

Solo, I sing here again
Respect rather than adoration

All my thoughts and focus
The years I have spent on you
There's not a lot I can show for it
Reached out hands are fading
Nothing else that I would do
Safe in obscurity

Deeper ambitions
Create and listen
A hermit cares not for what most people crave and implore
No, I wanted something more


I aim to be left alone from those not in the know
I stand to have control
Leave me all on my own

A kindred spirit
I hear from the animals
Try to seek that which I need
Of wealth or status, I don't see

Chorus / Nothing more that I would do

2. Bloodborne

Seek Paleblood and leave it all behind
Transfusion to give you what is mine

Ailments gone
Curse burns
Messengers found one more

Do you still dream? Tell the doll I said hello
All this and what for? With more insight you might know
So you still dream? Give the little doll echoes?
Oh it’s madness. Fear the blood found down below.

On the night of the hunt, which is beast?
Frail of heart becoming monsters that they seek

Skull reveals the sacred adage
Watchman guards the gate to knowledge
Spider hiding rituals
Beckon a full red moon

Bereaved ones yearn for a surrogate
Old Great Ones


Silenced harrowed cries end the nightmare
Die to wake up
Deny and host anew

Three cords with dark eyes
Madman’s enlightenment
The eldritch truth
Your ascension


3. The Boy Who Lived

Protective magic of old
Falling pieces, finding a soul
A mother choosing to die
Saving the boy left behind

I’m not quite comfortable
The hate that comes from you
My life’s been terrible
It’s time for something new

At each turn, eyes-- they find a scar
On to learn of fame that reaches far

Hidden by kin’s home
Bitter acceptance, a bond was sealed
When loved so deeply, love stays alive
Carries on with no visible sign

My life was horrible
Then I found something new
Though I’m not quite comfortable
With the looks that come from you

4. The Black Company

Cold and ruthless
Though he will keep you safe
Reborn white rose, the child
To end an empire under a comet’s tail

Exhume the lady
Ten who were taken
Resume dominion
A revolt once again

I should be used to this
It’s been a long time
I’ve my moral boundaries
Avert eyes from the worst
I shy off portraying whole truths of our brethren
Living cruellest fancies tempered by some decent men

Quelled rebellion
Removed internal feuds

Loath to breach any contract
But I don’t think we belong here anymore

5. Forgotten Ones

Discarded when all through
To new observations
Centuries of passing
Castoffs each gained their own mind

Purposed forms, different signs
Align, change with the tides
Leave marks to last for all time
What does one life matter?

Symbolic colouring
Connective waves
Action over thought
Our collective psyche in harmony
Manipulate to spread discord of vibrations

A surge or legacy
They change nearby
Ancient sorrow rises to end abusive ties

They’ve come to conquer all
I’ve seen my daughter fall
I love you, I’ll cure you
Searched relics and lore to find much more
What flows through us always

Tattooed gateways funnel for the pour
Psychic labyrinth bridging creations

An endless battle
Cheat death

6. Magicant

I’m pure yet degraded
All alone
My subconscious

Your world
Your mind
Earth’s melodies
Past selves
Foes and family
Memories breathe

I’m pure yet degraded
All alone
My subconscious voice
Violent hatred

This is a nightmare, evil resides
I’ll keep on fighting myself inside
Facing that demon, negative life
End of reflection, cosmos untied

Soon leave what you’ve made here
Go rejoin friends
Walked the Sea of Eden
Truth after a cleanse
Center of those feelings
It’s hard to see
Absorb and awaken
Back to destiny

7. Dead Man's Switch (instrumental)

8. Means of Comfort

Sculpted mind
Can’t unwind
Years in line
Even while I sleep I keep those anxieties

With the time that goes by
Going through all the motions
Means of comfort
Getting back to the elation in life

Stress and crime
Kept behind
Will we climb out of this dull hole

The purpose and the meaning
Find a spark and follow that feeling


Productivity wants post-scarcity
A widening space
Unfit for movement


9. Augment

A disease by any other name
Aging husk
Fragile and weak
Nature is not kind

It got us this far
Passage of time
Change of direction
It’s overrated
The natural find
Make me immortal

Full potential
Leave behind all the frailty
A synthetic evolution

Missing Image

1. Hollowed

From up above the cell a corpse is tossed to feet
Sitting there decayed but lucid, an opportunity
Ending of the Age of Fire, a whispered prophecy
The chosen undead escapes to begin the pilgrimage

Asylum for the branded, far in the North
Darksign marks the curse
They're locked away, waiting for the end
With no purpose they turn Hollow
Doomed they've always been

Here take this flask, take this key, take my place for I soon rest in peace
You will defeat the demon keeping you through fear
With patience watch all your surroundings
And always be prepared to die

Now that it's gone
Fly me away
Travel by crow
To a new land
I'm alone

The crestfallen
(Speaks of the) Bells of Awakening
Ring to prove
Climb high to the church
Crawl deep down into the blight

Old furtive deity, the master of the Dark Soul
Relative maybe to this original Lord
With his new power he planned to bring black
(When the first flame fades)
Ending age of fire and Gods alike

Dead yet alive they're raised beside the fire
Without humanity it will start
The hollowing
Losing the mind
Free will is gone
A final life

Thought to be a disease by the living
The Allfather hunts them down
Born of cinder's sacrifice
How it's spread can not be known
Chosen has a different fate
Thoughts are clear and can't be bent
Though the body takes the shape
Others see the difference

King seeker serpent
Tasked to deem worth
Traverse the fortress built by the Gods
Beyond the iron find the city
Forsaken kingdom

Chamber of the daughter watched by two protective hosts
Incarnation of the chosen is given the vessel
Satiated with only the strongest souls
Grave lord, the witch, scaleless, and the four fallen kings

Catacombs and giants' tombs, demonic ruins
Crystal caves and lore
Shattering the immortal
Wolf and ring, an abyss
Draining city of the wraiths

Take all these souls from me
Show the way to the kiln

After a final breath
Choices must be made
Hollow my life for Them
Linking all the flames
Or do I walk away, let the fire fade
Rule this world of decay 

2. Escaping the Mind

Vile heat
That unforgotten scene
I don't belong here
I'm lost in time

Intentional or not
It feeds me what I fear
I recognize what's happening and try to shake it clear
But once I've seen the place
Sometimes it will stay
Certain shapes are just so strong they'll damage anyway

When the mind's afloat
I should know what's coming
Thoughts go back to the past
Things I'd rather leave
Memories that haunt, hurt or shame
All the same and more

Flashes of subjects I lament or hate
Words that I've spoken or actions I've made

Or focused images
The fog of chaos
An astral wall

So why's it have to be
The bad over the good
Can't I just see the positive
No, that takes conscious thought
Or helpful triggering from elsewhere


Even those that I've not taken part
From other stories that left a mark

Relax and then await
It will self-mutilate
Rarely the happiness of life


3. The Architect

Calm, polite, yet so cold
Pragmatic, decisions for greater peace
The many for the few
One plan will taint and kill

Hybrid all the people
End all the Old Gods
Stopping future scourge
Follow the call before others find them

I was born as I am
Outside my kind

Research and discovery
Grey blood will grant them immunity
While separate from the hive
Free will, control and intelligence

Tried to save you
Curse unravel
Failed disciple
An affliction

Though clear some stay savage
Learning may subdue
Mother missing music
Fear heeds my word

I was born as I am
Outside my kind

4. Bard

There will be more words to say
Than songs that I can write
Choosing what I want to bring
Will leave some far behind

I know a tale for you
A message and a poem
The thoughts that I'm going to share
Depend on where I roam

I'll tell you of my heartbreaks
And things that make me weak
This voice is growing tired
So let my fingers speak

My interpretations and questions
Read for understanding
Right or wrong

Put together pieces
Some parts alone
Lifting all restrictions
In favour of progress

Why all the rhyming
In circles you may run
Though with less branches
More bedlam can be fun

Melody and rhythm will control
Won't you just drift away
Let the image flow

Language and word-smithing
Sounds will guide me

Finding choices in the maze
Different flavours of the same
Even drafts contain a ray
Metaphor a new pathway
Twisting lines to poetry
As long as it makes sense to me
Cannot lead so easily
And it doesn't have to be followed

5. Horseman's Word

Secret society
True masters of the horse
Trainers, blacksmiths, and the ploughmen
Imbibing alcohol, they tell their jokes and sing
Mocking faith and known morality

Designing private oaths
Gestures and passwords

Initiation rites
A ceremony

Bread and whiskey
Take these pseudo sacraments

Hear my word, my call
Dark magic
I can tame them all

Hide your eyes and meet
Elder to inductee
When it's midnight it will all begin
Answer questions in a memory exchange  
Parody of catechism

The backward song

Sealed pact
Poled fur
Shaking hands with effigies


Horse witches
Power by whisper
Safe rituals

Techniques and full control
Trade knowledge kept within
Ensuring work and toll
The union skin

Careful and kind
Treatment of the animals


6. First Law

The Other Side's a stranger place
Some call it hell
The root of sorcery

Demons once roamed the circle
Chaos beyond imagining
Side by side with people
Half and half they're called Devil-blood

Vanquisher of evil
Father of the world
Rising up to banish
Shaping everything

Above and below
Split into two
Human freedom
Life can flourish
He had to seal the gates

The First Law is protecting you
Forbidden to touch Underworld directly
Do not speak with the devils
Never try to summon demons
Always leave the portals closed

Follow my law then all will prosper
And be safe from such madness again
New order

Four sons but only three gifts to give
The High Art, and the Making
Speaking with spirits

After the teaching's complete
I will be gone forever

So presume that I'm dead
My fate is unrevealed to all
Later years they will not care

Rebuilding and influence
Done in their own manner

One more enigma
The paradox
Change or craft
You borrow something
There is a cost


1. A Feral Apparition

Early one morn:
"Come see what I have just now discovered
Hidden beneath the deep!"
Excitedly he told me

So did I follow
My grandfather to this new obsession
What horrors would I see?
My mind was surely spinning
Remains of something strange
Bones of human and what I think is also wolf

Is this a prank I'm seeing
A cruel and fake monstrosity
Or what laid still and broken
Is now unburied
Could not believe his next words
He makes his claim assuredly
"Werewolves once walked the island
That's what this has to be"

I hear a sound that came from outside
But no light or reflection explains the sight I see
Its shape becoming clearer
A face both dark and bright
Through the window eyes meet mine

I did as my elder bid me
Those bones were carried home
We placed them on our kitchen table
For now I'm left alone

And then I think hear a noise
Just rats I hope as I go back
To the room that's now become a tomb
I wait and see if it returns
Suddenly, I hear knuckles rapping
I look up cautiously

Though dim I start to see it
Sharp teeth, green eyes and pointed ears
Lips wreathed in savage snarling
Malignant guise brings fear


Well once the thing raised slender hands with sharp curved nails
Death seemed near
Crossing had no effect, I ran from the room
With the door locked, shaking, I sat in the hallway waiting for help

Granddad returned
With words of how his faith would have managed
To send the ghost away
Again we left
After all was said
My story told

So we returned all we had taken from what had been a grave
The spirit is back to sleep and remains there to this day


2. Niseag

The locals call it
Cryptid and beast
Stories and sightings by the lake seed belief

Capturing some of the subtleties
Many species
Make the mystery

Deep in the darkened waters
Rippling waves from under
A shadow swimming on
Avoiding notice
Always alone
Could be a tale or myth
Dreams that are crafted while awake and lucid

Emerging in the late night to feed
Stranger passing by much stranger a scene

Some lines revealed to be nothing but lies and hoax
Crushing a small piece of the unknown

Word of mouth keeps intrigue alive
In flesh spotting lets convictions arise

All these searches
Confused instead
New shapes and sounds
Bind a legacy

3. Bonnie Dundee (traditional)

4. Skye Boat Song (traditional)

Shaping Life and Soul

1. The Awakening

I feel something is changing
Caught between my senses
Confusing the mind
I see our lives turning to relations by coincidence
I do not understand it

Amazed by subtle actions
Odd synchronicities
I stop to wonder what it means

So I’m waiting for the time
When we wake to find real life
Seeing everything unfold again
Through our brand new eyes
With this mass awakening
Some might fear what it may bring
I just hope we’re alright

Disclosing all the knowledge
By those before and now
This information holds the key
Our fiction turns to fact
And all that’s there is plain to see
Though still it might be make believe

‘Cause we’re tailored
Molded and corrupted
Forced to watch and read these scenes as just insanity
Calling me once again I can’t ignore the signals
Shown so clearly
Or maybe it’s just wishful thinking


I try and hold on to a light
A glimpse of thoughts held inside
Lucid dreams are my reality
Faded lines blurring all the memories I know

These feelings running deep in me
I watch you sleeping peacefully
The music strikes so loud
I feel I can’t control the wave of my hand
They shout and scream in crowds
While shedding free of skin that clings like sand

Now we’re all feeling changes
Left to struggle and crawl
The higher we manage
The farther we’ll fall

Chorus x2

2. Solace from Lies

Cast away the moving light as I spin my tales
I hope to be on my own
Events keep unfolding and changing
A sting to my eyes

I don’t feel the need to see this supposed norm
What’s wrong with being alone
Can’t they just let me be

I am a calming sight
And the key to keeping all this by our hand
Unlocked in darkness, paving the way

So once more I say that I'll see you again
The truth won't please so can't be heard
I take solace within this new lie I've told
Safe again from one mistake

I’m living, I’m lying
A feigning smile upon my face
I look to my sea and I call out your name
My friends and my family
Do not be harmed by what I am
This shadow that watches and helps me again
Keep them out while sustained and entranced by my songs of false hope

I am your silent knight
And the one who offers escape from their plans
Use my words to keep them away

So once more I say that I'll see you again
The truth won't please so can't be heard
I take solace within this new lie I've told
Safe again from one mistake

Somebody tell me of things that I have waived
See me run from all that I have made
I'm awake and I am afraid
Teller of tall tales
I can’t believe how persistent they can be
I will lie until I am set free
All I need is this shade of me now

3. Night's Watch

They stand, some divided
This wall is frozen sided
It stretches far along and
Keeps the Others out of seven lands
Dressed all in black and
Hardened by lives forgotten
Guilty or not they’ll find life

So when the night gathers
My watch begins
It won’t end until my demise

I might be a criminal
Who still protects you
To live is to die by my post
A vow condemns me

I pledged all my honour, I swore to the wall
A sword in the darkness, I stay till it falls

I’m the light that brings the dawn
Through darkened nights
Valiant, we wait for the storm
A watcher on walls
Winter is coming, I feel it
I’m the fire that burns
The heat that will ward off the bite of the cold
I will die on the wall

The nights feel much colder
My lungs sting as I breathe
I’ve seen the dead walk and
I fear what might be coming soon for me
While strings are pulled in
This game of thrones that steals
Attention away from what’s real

We need more men to fight them
What lies beyond the wall
These wild threats are calling
Seeking the other side for home

For this night and all the nights to come
Only three keeps remaining
You know I’ll be here waiting
Abandoned empty halls
I’ll never father children
Have no wife, hold no lands
The summer soon is over


I might be looked down upon
But still I serve you
A shield to the realms of men
A horn for the sleeping

What’s left of my honour I gave to the black
An evil returning, the dead are back


4. Vampiric Humanity

Never sleeping
See the face that I have only
Kept hidden away
Walk around me
Isolated for my hunger
This beast still remains

I’m not free to look upon our world as
Underneath I feel these urges clawing
Violently. Tempted by fallen pieces
Holding me to a place that I wish to leave

As I hear them, how I wonder
Will this ever wither and decay
And I feel it pull me under
As they try to take my soul away
While my mind is torn asunder
All that I can do is stay
In the shadows, where I slumber
Deathly shiver, what’s been done to me

I resist, I save you from sorrow
Disgusted, they’d not do the same
Holding dear what I use to believe
Delusions of humanity
With these morals I choose my own way

As I hear them, how I wonder
Will this ever wither and decay
And I feel it pull me under
As they try to take my soul away
While my mind is torn asunder
All that I can do is stay
In the shadows, where I slumber
Oh I miss the morning rays

Left behind all I’ve cared for
My life stolen from me
All I’ve loved, all I’d die for
Now forbidden to
See what I am and what I cannot be
I will hide from their sight so that they will find sleep
In my absence they’ll live and they’ll end peacefully
While I walk the eternal with only my old memories

5. Taunted by Fate's Mirage

Crawling through the fog
I don’t want to feel any more
I’m catching up with my fate
I’m opening the door

With tricks all around
I know that they’re coming for me
My eyes watering
I just can’t wait to see
What new bad luck’s awaiting
A soul hopelessly
Still is reaching for stars

Haunted by my life
I sing from afar
Karma I feel you owe me
Taunted by fate
I was hoping for more
What I thought was perfect was just a mirage

I’ve dug myself into
A hole I now belong in
Covering me with old dirt and ashes
Morale always low as
I sleep the pain away and
I hope for minor reprieve

One more time
Close your eyes
Let me control you
Held breath
Consciously it makes thinking harder for free

The pattern won’t return until
We find an understanding
Dynamic thoughts would surely calm me
A chance to turn the focus from
What should be done naturally to
The phase that switches one over
Into that new state of being
My mind is blackened and random


I can see all the day’s events
Tragically changing form
Showing me a new take on things
Be it true or just make believe
And I know fate is here to watch me fail

I find my way out of
This dark and winding hallway
Can it be real or just an illusion
I’ve been lead on to think that I might survive this path
Shall I crawl back into this home that I’ve grown accustomed
To fellow puppets: I’ve seen the balance


6. Confined to Silence

A child waits with the shameless below
The spaces are still in the vision
Crouched together
Faded into the grey distance
Yet I see them lying over there

Frozen they stand
Silence can hear these voices
Fear and concern for one’s self-preservation
Watch from afar
Trembling hands falling down
I catch one more breath
Hope the next time brings courage

Carefully worded phrases
Withered choices hold back my tongue
So confined by restriction
I do what is best for the time
Hearing what needs to be seen
Following me to these dreams


Moving past on the line
Never dry in winds
Hard to forget / forgive
Painful thoughts in my head
Do I take the needed step
Dressing wounds that won’t heal
Taste of hate is bitter sweet
Future guilt as a strong deterrent watching me

Weighed down by the chains of life
Who is this man? I know that it can’t be me
Won’t see myself or my mind
Lost in the dread of it all


7. Bhaalspawn

Avatar Crisis , Arrival, Godswar
The Time of Troubles is here
Gods walk the world in their mere mortal forms
Lord of Murder foresaw his own fate

Bhaal is gone
Killed by the Godsbane
But progenies were spawned so that one day
If these children are sacrificed in his name
He will return from the dead
This essence found from all manner of life
By their passage chaos will be sown

I am ignorant about this
Your death is just the start of my lifelong journey to
Discover what it is inside me
I’ve found I’m not alone in the quest for answers
And I meet my brothers and sisters along the way to my unfolding

They have questions or insight
Evil blood runs through our veins
Will I give into my nature
Look for power beyond life

I’ve met all kinds of people
Struggling to survive
Saving all those in need
Helps me feel alive
Some choose to follow me
A savior in disguise
Friends form as enemies
Equally comprise
All the faces that I’ve seen
With these weary eyes
And to one I shall give all my love
We will become the legends of our time

8. This Dark Passenger

Following my own code
I kill the dregs of man
I have learned of secrets
Hidden like I am
A sick and twisted monster
The side that I don’t show
I’m told that I am decent
The real me they don’t know

There are those who meet justice
There are those who deserve
To be marked the next victim
Satisfying my urge

I cannot help it
This cold desire finds me
Taking your blood as my trophy

I do not feel emotions
So use a mask instead
I’m faking all these feelings
For inside I am dead
Born in blood, a child
Shaping life and soul
This dark passenger
It waits for another chance to be heard

I had a father
He helped me to channel this craving for good
But I know it still makes me less than human
If I could only be tamed
As I try and I hope but I know that I’m cursed to remain
As I am just a creature who preys upon death

As you are waiting
Surrounded by your misdeeds
I’ll be the last thing you’ll see


I know that there’s something real dark here inside me
Being on the hunt helps me stay sharp and clear
Making sure that the spot light is kept far from my life
Blend in with the everyday society

How? I’m making connections, I know
Starting to care for these things and these people
Who didn’t matter before now, so I’m changing
Yet still I don’t know what I am

Half sick with the thrill
I feel alive in the wrongness
Nothing else that could love me
Or is this just a lie that it’s telling
The mask is slipping lately
Uncertain of what this might mean


Nameless One

1. Nameless One

Somehow I’m seeing something
Too dead to recognize
My skin’s cryptic writing
Won’t tell me who I am inside

Am I still alive
Or have I reached the end
I don’t know who you are
But I feel like I’ve been here before
These men of dust
Absent of what I need
Together yet alone
We leave this forgotten place behind

Other broken souls
Are drawn close to me
The allure of torment
Beckons and hungers
Twisting free

Unveiling of answers
Unfolding of truths
Spoken in hisses
Mortality gone
Given away

You ask your questions and I’ll ask mine
Why did I want immortal life?
Memories fade as I arise
What pain awaits on other sides

Feel at all for those with you
Matter in your heart
Maybe they’re just willful tools
Helping you along

Why the wait to return to me
My precious, pretty one
One more question still to ask
Where shells have failed dreadfully

Answer me this as best you can
What can change the nature of a man

You cared not for any replies (any but mine)
All those men who had tried but still died by the sleight of your hand
I hear of my lives
My true answer I’ll find

An anchor for a soul
Lost but living this I know
Life is learning how to die
Being whole will hold them tight

I’m left to find my way
Meet them all the fallen shades
Torn to touch and feel a face
Though I fear I might see rain

2. Witcher

The grey mist hides a rising
The white wolf has begun
To see awakening
Blood loss is still before my eyes
Stolen these old kept secrets
By those who wish to die
For I will not stand by
And see them fall behind the light

What it means to sacrifice
To give up all keep shadowed out of sight
I will walk through day or night
Kill or die I try it’s my delight

My love I care so dearly
What do I have to say
Will I be dead and in my grave
Or take down those who are my prey
A contract not forgotten
A mix of alchemy
Shall I be gone and dance away
To be consumed by evil’s sway
Am I as cold and dark as they

What it means to sacrifice
To give up all keep shadowed out of sight
I will walk through day or night
I kill or die to try and end the blight

Whispered feet fall silently
Creep behind and find your life belated
Though I bleed I feel I’m alive
I am gone, taking what’s related

No one around
No one to do that which is needed
I’ll face them all alone
They’ll know I’m not that merciful

Steel for the mortal humans
Silver for darker fiends
And I as one have other means
My hands they just will not come clean
Pay me I’ll end your sorrows
Finish then disappear
For I am needed here
I’m born to kill and face your fears

What it means to sacrifice
To give up all keep shadowed out of sight
I will walk through day or night
A witcher’s work is work that I do right

3. Three Ravens

There were three Ravens sat on a tree
Downe a downe, hey downe, hey downe
They were as blacke as blacke could be
With a downe
Then one of them said to his mate
Where shall we our breakefast take?
With a downe derry derry derry downe downe

Downe in yonder greene field
Downe a downe, hey downe, hey downe
There lies a Knight slain under his shield
With a down
His hounds they lie downe at his feete
So well do they their Master keepe
With a downe

His Hawkes they flie so eagerly
Downe a downe, hey downe, hey downe
There's no fowle that dare him come nie
With a downe
Downe there comes a fallow Doe
As great with yong as she might go

She lifted up his bloody head
Downe a downe, hey downe, hey downe
And kissed his wounds that were so red
With a downe
She got him up upon her backe
And carried him to earthen lac
With a downe

She buried him before the prime
Downe a downe, hey downe, hey downe
She was dead her selfe ere even song time
With a downe
God sent every gentleman
Such hawkes, such hounds, and such a leman

4. The Seer

Come and hear the wind, it gathers, chilling
Our beliefs—to be tamed and smothered one by one, conversion
While we sing
Burning down our gods and being
Pagan deaths—all around we’re forced to follow anew, pressured into
What you bring

A prophecy speaks of changing
We’ll drown by the hands of the traitor transcend
Our life as we live and know now
The Seer has seen him and claimed what will be our own end

Farewell so long my friends
Hear our last song—an end
Fade all to grey before
We leave these northern shores

Though you refuse to see that it’s here
Deep beneath inside of you
Shifting across the line you’ll return
Blood will never be out of sight
A new purpose after a save
Seven days of passing through
Risen reborn only now to be
Death awakened deathly abuse

Farewell so long my friends
Hear our last song—an end
Fade all to grey before
We leave these northern shores

It won’t be long, amend
Before we’re at the end
But on this final day
Heathens we proudly stay

Winter Shadows

1. Winter Shadows

Wake, gentle sleep
No one’s here
Can’t listen, speak
Creeping fear

See that you don’t disobey the dream’s blurry and vague—images
Feel the scene change from the thoughts as they drift from your head—now insane
Enter a place which knows not what you relish or hate—embrace me
Darkness becomes your true love, enemy, but not friend—forgiven
No one hears me cast the blame

The winter that wakes me from rest
Shadows stray, so I step out from the dark
It’s hard to see
That everything's lifted and gone

A memory is all that is left
Shadows sway, still I slip into the dark
And still I know
That everything's twisted and faded
Here I scream again

Stir from your feast
Corrupt me
Take as you reap
Never cry out to the sound and the feeling of dread—worship them
Live just a moment and soon you will see it has fled—fallen hope
No one hears me call out to the lost dream

The winter that wakes me from rest
Shadows stray, so I step out from the dark
It’s hard to see
That everything's lifted and gone

A memory is all that is left
Shadows sway, still I slip into the dark
And still I know
That everything's twisted and faded
Hear me scream again

The winter that wakes me from rest
Shadows stray, so I step out from the dark
It’s hard to see
That everything's lifted and gone

A memory is all that is left
Shadows sway, still I slip into the dark
And still I know
That everything's twisted and faded
Here I sleep again

2. Apocalyptic Smile

Immoral, she cannot return above
Her fate is sealed by the deeds she’s done
Now she cries through the morning
As she watches the rising sun

Descend to the realm of the mortal being
A choice they thought was right for you
Punish the last to have fallen
Search for your soul

Anger is calling
Feed the ghost

Darkness corrupts and takes control
This is the smile you’ll see and know
Banished to roam and walk the Earth
Until the final Judgement Day

Dear, I can see what happened and you must feel hatred
A free will and free choice we are related
If it’s so wrong tell me why were we created?
Now forced to live this life that’s so dictated
So join me and all of those who have waited
Come see if they can stop us now-
Why have you betrayed me? Am I damned to hell?
Come my fallen angels, it is time for war

Mankind will wallow in despair
As doomsday comes from those they fear
All will be lost that they hold near
Should they be helpless

Defenders have landed they’ve come to their call
To save those they bow to, these guardians to all

Go fight this legion of darkness, fight in the name of your god
Ignore the cries of the helpless
Who is the savior now?

Living in what you thought was fair
Humanity it rots and tears
Knowing that this has been a trial
Angel’s apocalyptic smile

3. The Erlking

Young fate in his hands
They ride all night
Drift away-
Tonight the Erlking follows thee

What do you see, my son?
If you are sick, be strong
We will be home, you’ll see
Safe and sound

Father, can’t you see?
The spirit oh so near
He’s wounded me
And now, he speaks
And praises me

It is the fog, my son
Just the wind
You will be fine, boy
There’s not to fear

Come with me young lad
My daughters await
To serve for you
Tonight your visions will come true

All that you want
You’ll have
All that you need
It’s there
Take my hand
That’s good
Now follow me

My son, we arrive
Our house up ahead
I guarantee
The woods are behind us and now we are free

Are you awake, my son?
Can you speak?
Oh, please! No!
This cannot be

Now we’ve gone and told the tale of one man and his son
A journey through the woods one night and then the boy cries out in terror
Were you sick and dying in your father’s arms, poor boy? Or was the Erlking really present?
Always there and waiting for you?

4. Eternal Sleep

Last night the other side
Came and brought the light
From black
Blood on your back
Now you find yourself all alone

Risen by that returning blight
Never thought he’d see the light
Son of evil walks the night
Felt the shadows bring him back to life

Another lifetime passed in darkness
A soul once put to rest
Awaken lost child and see that he lives
Like the legend from lore
Cursed to stay while she’s no longer there
Eternal sleep

Reaper sent to meet the heart
Reason. Disarm.
Know you will not follow me
I’ll take what’s yours and leave you blind
Room by mist from low to high, a wandering girl
Live to face and slay the one
Who shares the same damned blood as mine

You know, you are, a threat to all the bliss of man
So be, and see, what you have always meant to me and die


No one is here, you’re living in madness
Cast out the light and you turn from what you used to be
Rest and discern, recall her last words
Carry my love and please spare those who don’t always see

So, we’ll meet again
Though tears have fallen, you’ll rise, my friend.
Now I go, to be asleep is better.
I walk alone, ‘till peace is prey

Can’t you see me standing here?
Know that I will find and meet you there

No one is here, you’re living in madness
Cast out the light and you turn from what you used to be
Rest and discern, recall her last words
Carry my love and please spare those who don’t always see


5. Homeland

The life you once had has been taken away
No one left alive
A family is slaughtered and waiting for you
When you return to the homeland

Come here and see what you failed to protect
Quickly, open the door
Possessions all stolen and blood stains the floor
Caused by the death of your family

Caeldrin you set out for vengeance
Now that you’re back, you leave right away
Over the homeland you travel
Be without fear
Avenge your fallen wife

The enemy draws near, you see them ahead
Outnumbered five to one
Blinded by rage, you rush into camp
Ready to kill and to murder

With nothing to lose, you unsheathe your sword
You scream out, “I’m Sorry”
You look to the sky just one final time
Before the battle begins

Caeldrin you set out for vengeance
Now that you’re back, you leave right away
Over the homeland you travel
Hate fills your veins
Avenge your childrens’ lives

Memories they all kept him standing
A beautiful wife in his mind
Soon he will be in Valhalla
With friends and all of his kind

No mercy
Revenge. Avenge. Take life from men
They made them all just a memory

Death by your side you lie still now
No one alive, you’ve finished them all
Now you can die in peace while slipping away
Your past and mighty life

6. Firefly (Instrumental)

7. Serenity

You tell me it’s so complicated
So give me a chance to believe
They fought and they died for a reason
Survived for the freedom they need

You run away
To save her from harm should she stay
Screaming all the same

Firefly see the night
And dream on evermore
Who ride the black and sail the free
So burn the land and boil the sea
Now listen to the sound of what’s soon to be fallen
Distant cries
No more a place that we may be
'Cause here we’ve found Serenity and life

Her mind brought to see from the trigger
Miranda was all she could hear
The Sheppard gives one final lesson
Find something and hold it sincere

They’re left behind
To die or become fear and rage
All the people blind


8. Empire of the Sands

Now come see this pain
The people lie, the thieves await, the beggars hope in vain
Calimshan you’re home to only one
I know you’re there- you cannot hide for long

Show yourself, you coward, your challenge has arrived
My blades await to sting your flesh, and right the wrongs you’ve done
My friend we’ve come to take you home
I know you’re there we’re taking you away

Lost and desert
If light was here now it's gone away
Restless evil
Hate fills the air, keeps my soul afraid
Corruption and greed
This land
A sleepless city
In the Empire of the Sands

Here we are to end this now
There’s no more hiding left
Meet your home forever more
I don’t intend to let you leave
This obsession will now cost
Your empty chosen life
Should have tried to change your ways
‘Cause now it is the death of you- the foolish one
I see you there an empty shade


Now it's over, who’s the victor
Blood can’t take the score
Searched for truth and found an answer
I, the equal, haunt you-
All those wasted years
I know you’re gone, but we will meet again


9. Paths of the Dead

Note: I know that the chorus may sound grammatically incorrect, but Tolkien would be to blame there for calling a single mountain pass the 'Paths of the Dead."

Cursed and fallen
Men of mountain
Fled and hidden
Oaths forgotten

Hear them calling

This is the Paths Of The Dead
The way is shut, the dead do keep it
This is the Paths Of The Dead
Enter, and then you must die

Broken promise
Suffer instead
Enter herald
Help is needed

Hear them calling

This is the Paths Of The Dead
The way is shut, the dead do keep it
This is the Paths Of The Dead
Entered, so now you must die here

I summon you to fulfill what was lost
They will not keep awaiting
Dead do not suffer the living to pass
I will have your allegiance

So it’s been gone since some time long ago
Here remade and now looking down upon you
Fight by my side and regain fallen pride
Here I am, do not linger. So what say you?

10. Heir to the Throne

Love, it kept her brave
An elven maiden who chose to stay
For she knows she’d live alone
Unless she followed his mortal soul

Men fight to save this land
As elves sail to the west
All hope is nearly lost
Courage put to the test
Foresee the future child
From the forgotten king
Steward your time has faded

When you set out don’t be afraid
Take your task and carry on
And try to not lose sight of hope
Keep the ring close at hand
Though you can hide and be free of the light
Still you can’t run away from the fallen nine

Walking through those evil lands
Hard to move and breathe

They’ve come here today
Morannon, last chance
Six thousand stand tall
The Nazgul leave the battle

The ring has faced the fires
Deep from within Mt. Doom
Sauron has been defeated

11. Thor's Chariot

Divine. Worshipped begotten
Protect and save by the light of the hammer
The Ettins know not to find his people
From might he visually takes away the anger

Asgard. Race of the higher
Thor rides. Returns by the plea from the hall

Broken and forgotten, hear my call
Save the ones who follow, and fall
Friend to all the living, save but one
Watching and protecting, all the young

Holy. Exalted and grace
Protect and save by the light of the hammer
The Ettins invade and find his people
The shield now taken down. Locked away no more

Asgard. Race of the higher
Thor rides. Returns by the plea from the hall


12. Icewind Dale (Instrumental)