Saturday 10 January 2015


Hello! I'm finally getting around to working on a new website, and will have all the links, lyrics and album details back up ASAP. I'm keeping the domain, but redirecting over to blogspot since I don't really need a hosting plan these days.

Thanks to everyone who supported Missing Image, as well as those who dipped into the back catalogue. I thought I'd go on a bit of a break from music, but it didn't last very long-- I've loosely arranged 11 new songs over the past couple months, have been playing around with new guitar tones, and am more or less ready to start working on some demos. I can't say when a new album will be released yet, or how many of the songs I want to immediately work with, but I may stick to shorter albums going forward so that I can continue to put out new material at a comfortable rate. This will also help keep motivation and inspiration high throughout the process.

Before any of that though, there is an instrumental cover I've been meaning to do...

Happy new year,


PS. Here is a recent interview I did:

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